The Aztec UFO Incident
The Aztec UFO Incident—the first ever widely publicized report of a recovered flying saucer—was derided as a hoax for decades. But now the Ramsey's and Frank Thayer reveal the exact spot where the craft landed and show how the 100-foot diameter saucer was moved to a secret laboratory. Witnesses to the incident who were interviewed by the authors affirm that they were sworn to secrecy by the military. The authors also reveal the names of scientists who worked on the craft after its recovery.

Also included are previously unseen documents from the CIA, FBI, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Army that constituted a cover-up whose sole purpose was to surround the Aztec story with a smokescreen of lies, misinformation, and destructive allegations.

Authors: Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, Dr. Frank Thayer
Preface by: Stanton T. Friedman
ISBN: 978-1-63265-001-6
Release Date: December 21, 2015
Pages: 320


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The "Aztec Incident" has been the subject of TV documentaries in Germany, Japan, the United States (History Channel), and Canada, and a full-length feature documentary by international journalist Jamie Maussan. As research continues on this case, if you have evidence or testimony to offer, please contact us.

March 2018 is the 70th Anniversary of the Aztec UFO Incident



The Aztec UFO Incident Audio Book
by Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey and Dr. Frank Thayer

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Behind the Flying Saucers Book
by Frank Scully

Updated edition with bonus section. An expanded version of the book that first broke this incredible historical event and exposed the crash of a flying saucer Near Aztec, New Mexico.


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Aztec 1948 UFO Crash: The Government Cover-up of UFOs and Recovered Alien Technology!


2004 EBE Award Winner – Best UFO Film


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Set of 3

The Aztec UFO Incident Book, Behind the Flying Saucers Book, Aztec 1948 UFO Crash DVD

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It’s About Time to Accept the Reality of the Aztec Saucer

We address skeptics in detail who still question the Aztec Incident in this mini-book, issue by issue.


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About the Authors
Scott Ramsey, the foremost researcher into the Aztec incident, has worked on the story since 1987, discovering archives and pursuing interviews throughout the United States. As a specialist in magnetic fields and wire, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies, and currently is vice president of sales and marketing for Express Wire Services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Suzanne Ramsey, having owned a business, writing for the local media and hosting a talk radio show in the Four Corners, brings an understanding of the people, culture and history of the Aztec area. Additionally her family was very familiar with the Aztec UFO Incident from many years ago and was a factor in their moving to the area. Since partnering with Scott Ramsey, the two have enjoyed extensive travel, interviewing and pursuing research on this historical event.

Frank Thayer, PhD, came to the Aztec Incident project in 2009, when Scott Ramsey shared witness information of the recovery at Hart Canyon. Thayer is a New Mexico native with extensive journalistic and journalism education experience. Now a professor emeritus at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, he has professional experience as a writer, editor, photographer, and educator both in New Mexico and in Canada where he also lived and taught for 11 years. He is a published book author and is co-author of the Ramsey's’ successful 2012 The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon.


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Recovery Site Photos

Recovery Site

Plague at Recovery Site

View to the north of the Recovery Site

"This book belongs in the collection of every serious UFO researchers. The case was first described in a book by Frank Scully in the early 1950’s, titled ‘Behind the Flying Saucers', and it was a best seller. As soon as the book started selling really well someone launched a campaign to attack and discredit the story. As a result of this negative campaign, peoples reputation were trashed and the book became infamous along with the UFO retrieval story and everyone associated with it. The desctruction campaign was so successful that for 30 years no UFO researchers questioned the actions of the naysayers, and nobody questioned the possibility of there being any truth left in the story.

"This book by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, with Frank Thayer, is the result of thirty years of painstaking research and it thoroughly explains who was involved, the roles they played, and what motivated them.

"One of the more illuminating insights offered here covers the subterfuge and disingenous approach of many skeptics. One great UFO skeptic, the late Karl Pflock was a friend of the author. Snce his passing the Author has discovered that many, in fact most of the theories put forward by Pflock were spurious at best, misleading, and just outright dishonest. He claimed to have studied the history of t he area and found that nothing much at alll had changed since the late 1950’s with regard to the roads that infrastructure in the Aztec area of New Mexico. When this was properly investigated, it became immediately obvious that Pflock had either done no research at all and merely made up his story in order to support his spurious argument, or he lied, or both.

"Since this event happened only 8 months after the Roswell case, the authorities had honed their retrieval process and made far fewer mistakes with this retrieval.

"And it’s no surprise that they supported the attack on the Scully book and the discrediting of all associated with it.

"But did Scully really know what happened in Aztec?

"I highly recommend this book."
—George Simpson, AUFORN Victoria.

“There is no question that an intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft was recovered by agents of the government of the United States near Aztec, New Mexico, in March 1948, and taken for classified study and evaluation. This is a fascinating and carefully done exposé well worth reading.”
Stanton T. Friedman, author of Flying Saucers and Science

"An excellent read with powerful information."
Timothy Good, UFO researcher and author of Earth: An Alien Enterprise

“The authors have done a superlative job documenting the crash and recovery of an alien spacecraft in Aztec, New Mexico, in March 1948. Their three decades of investigation, supported by countless interviews and more than 55,000 pieces of documentation, leaves no doubt that a disc was recovered by the U.S. Government. This is a compelling book that should be read by anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon, and in what our government knows about the alien visitation of our planet!”
Peter B. Davenport, director, National UFO Reporting Center

"Nearly three decades of painstaking field research focused on witness, documentary and physical evidence examination has led Scott and Suzanne Ramsey and others involved in this research project to the inescapable conclusion that on March 25, 1948 -- some nine months after Roswell -- an extraordinary event of historic proportions took place at Hart Canyon near Aztec involving a crash landing of an otherworldly saucer-shaped craft with 'dead' alien occupants. However, it subsequently was quickly and successfully recovered and covered-up and officially stamped "hoax", the witnesses were silenced and the sources who came out with the story underwent the classic ad-hominem attacks to discredit them publicly, so the HOAX explanation has stuck in most people's and most researchers' minds ever since. With this in-depth research book the Ramsey's and their team wish to share their efforts and the (new) evidence uncovered with the public at large and the skeptical researchers so that they can draw their own conclusions based on actual evidence coming from the horse's mouth. I believe the Ramsey's have written the definitive book about the historic March, 1948 Aztec flying saucer crash landing."
—André  Skondras, UFO Researcher, Belgium

"Scott and Suzanne Ramsey have done more research into the Aztec Incident and updated their earlier book.  I am still fascinated by the story and appreciate the additional information brought to light through their research into more government documents and interviews with eyewitnesses and their descendants. 

"Their documentation is excellent.  They have listed the government agencies and the documents that have been released since their last book.  They have also listed interviews done as well as radio programs and recordings.  They have gone to primary sources when possible.  They have done the traveling to prove the UFO at Aztec could have been removed using the roads and equipment available in 1948 and ensured they had the maps from that time.

"Regardless of your thoughts, the Ramsey’s are persuasive in their arguments and can back them up with primary source documents.  The book is well thought out.  I enjoyed the first person point-of-view of the book.  I feel like I am sitting on my back porch with my friends sharing a beer and listening to Scott and Suzanne Ramsey tell us their story.  I am interested and fascinated by it."
—Sheila Gallagher

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